Team Permissions and Invites Teamwork makes the Dream Work

MenuCrunch was built from the ground up with collaboration in mind. We know that a properly run restaurant requires a team of dedicated individuals all working towards the same goals. So, we made inviting your team members to MenuCrunch super easy. Simply type in their email address and click send invite, and boom, your team member will have a fresh invite to join your team on MenuCrunch waiting in their inbox.

Every member of your staff has unique responsibilities at your restaurant. Some people work in the kitchen while others are front office folks. And some very special individuals where all of the different hats. With this in mind, MenuCrunch's unique permission system, allows you to determine what features and tools each team member has access to on MenuCrunch. Check out the available permissions below which explain briefly what each one allows the team member to do.

Available Permissions:

  • Orders: This is on by default for all team members. The Order permission allows tea members to view orders, update their status and make comments on them too.
  • Menu: The Menu permission allows a team member to add, delete and update menu items. And it also allows the team member to toggle the "allow menu ordering" status off and on and to take the menu completely offline if needed.
  • Restaurant: The Restaurant permission allows the team member to update restaurant related items, such as your restaurant's hours, location its MenuCrunch web address.
  • Team: The Team permission allows the team member to invite new users to your restaurant's team on MenuCrunch. It also allows them to update current users permissions.
  • Reports: The Reports permission allows the team member view the reports section of MenuCrunch to review sales data and other business related items.

These are just a few of the amazing features that you will have access to when using MenuCrunch. Want to try it out? Get started!

Team Section Preview

Team section overview
Easily manage your whole team from the Team overview section on MenuCrunch. Here you can invite new team members, update the permission of current ones or delete a team member if necessary.
Update Permissions screenshot
Quickly view and update team members' permissions with just a few clicks.