Introducing Our Amazing Menu Features

Getting your restaurant's menu online is important. But equally important is choosing the best online menu creator to fit your menu's specific needs. So, when we were building MenuCrunch, we put a lot of thought into making the menu creation process as easy, fast and smooth as possible. Whether you are a technically savvy person, or not, MenuCrunch's menu creation tools will allow you to get your restaurant's menu online in a snap. We have listed some of the key features of our menu creation tool below that separates MenuCrunch from our competitors.

Our Standout Menu Features:

  • Publishable: Is your online menu not quite ready for prime time yet? No problem, by default your menu is kept in an unpublished status. So, it won't be available to the public online until you decide to change its status to published. And even after that, you can always toggle your menu's published status back to offline if you'd like.
  • Menu Item Status: Did you run out of tonight's special? No problem, update that menu item's status to inactive and it's instantly removed from your online menu. But, you can easily change its status back to active once you get more in stock. This is also a great feature for seasonal offerings as you don't have to re-create those items every year.
  • Add-ons: Does a particular menu item have add-on options like "add bacon" or "extra dressing"? That's no problem with MenuCrunch. You can easily add any number of add-ons to any menu item allowing your customer's to customize their orders quickly and for you to improve your sales totals.
  • Searchable: One of the major frustrations of many people is that online menu's are simply too long and finding what they are looking for can be difficult. But not when you create your menu with MenuCrunch. Your restaurant's menu will be automatically (and easily) searchable for your customers, allowing them to find the menu items that they are looking for faster than ever.

These are just a few of the amazing features that you will have access to when using MenuCrunch. Want to try it out? Get started!

The “Comes with” Problem

As a restaurant owner or manager, you are probably skeptical about the ability of an online menu to really capture all of the required context needed for some menu items. For example, what if you have a menu item that comes with another menu item? Maybe, when your customer purchases a certain entree, like chicken parmesan, they also get to choose a salad or soup with it. And to further complicate the matter, if the customer selects soup, then they have to tell you what kind of soup they want. There's no way that an online menu can capture all of this logic, right? Wrong! With MenuCrunch this can be easily accomplished, check out the screenshots below.

creating comes with options
Create complex "comes with" options with ease. MenuCrunch is even smart enough to know if an "comes with" item has it's own sizes, and if so, it has you choose the correct one.
customer pov comes with options
From the customer's perspective, the "comes with" options are intuitive and simple. Best of all, this innovative feature will help minimize order confusion for your staff.