Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to provide credit card info to use MenuCrunch?
No, all newly registers users start out on the Free plan, which does not require any credit card info. If you decide to upgrade to one of our non-Free plan subscription options you will be asked to provide your credit card info to pay for the monthly subscription.
How do I change (upgrade/downgrade) my subscription?
Click the "Settings & Notifications" link at the bottom of the left side navigation menu (above your name). Then, choose the "Account" tab. On this page, under the Subscription section you can upgrade, downgrade and/or cancel your subscription to MenuCrunch.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You don't need to call us, send a letter or anything like that. Just click the "Settings & Notifications" link at the bottom of the left side navigation menu (above your name). Then, navigate to the "Account" section. From here, you can simply downgrade your subscription to the Free plan in the Subscription section, if you wish to keep your account active. Or, if you prefer to delete your account entirely, navigate to the "Danger Zone" section of this page (at the bottom) and click the "Delete My Account" button (and then confirm the action).
Where can I find out more about your menu features?
Check out this page on our site which explains some of the finer details of MenuCrunch's menu features.
How can I find more info on Teams and Permissions?
We have some nice details on this page, which goes through each permission and explains in some detail how it works.
What is MenuCrunch's order management system all about?
We have created a page that talks about all of our order management features and tools. You can check it out here.
Can I decide what information customers must provide when submitting an order?
Definitely. The customer name is always required, but you can decide whether your customers must provide their phone, email or both when submitting an order. You can update these setting in the Restaurant edit page.
Are customer's able to pay for their order through MenuCrunch?
At this time, customer's cannot pay for their order through MenuCrunch . This is a high priority feature we are hoping to add in the near future.
Does MenuCrunch have a company story?
Weird that you asked, but sure we do. Check it out here.
What kind of information is included in the reports section of MenuCrunch?
The reports section shows relevant sales and menu item analytics. You can read more about it on this page of the site.