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Our Mission

Better Online Menus

MenuCrunch was born out of frustration with the current state of online restaurant menus.

During the pandemic of 2019-2021 (maybe longer?) many of us began ordering takeout more often as dining in-person became more difficult, if not impossible. So, naturally online menus became more important than ever. And, people quickly realized that many of their favorite restaurants either had no online menu or an antiquated version. Here are some other major issues that we noticed:

  • PDF menus that were too low quality to zoom in on
  • Out-of-date menus with items that are no longer available
  • Menu is essentially a daily post on a social media site
  • A menu aggregation website has a barely readable version
  • Can't tell if the menu is from your local restaurant or not

What we did about it

The original goal of MenuCrunch was to create an application that allows restaurant owners and managers to easily and quickly create online menus that would be also be really user-friendly for their customers. And while we were initially naive about how much work this would take, the many hours spent on crafting this platform are now paying off as more and more restaurants begin to use our service. And now the online menu landscape is changing for the better.