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Your Restaurant's Menu online & searchable in minutes

MenuCrunch can help modernize your restaurant's online menu and streamline your order handling process, allowing you to focus on your strengths.

Get your menu online

More and more people are first searching the web to view their dining options. Put your restaurant's best foot forward with an amazing, interactive menu that your current and future customers will love. With pricing information, size options and even add-ons that can be included with each item, your customers will have all the details they need. Another huge bonus is that the menu is fully searchable, so people can quickly drill down on the menu items that they are looking for.

“If you're looking to get your restaurant's menu online, MenuCrunch is simply the best menu experience on the web.”

Matt Strauss, founder of MenuCrunch
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Streamline order handling

MenuCrunch allows your restaurant's front end to communicate with kitchen and handle orders more efficiently by placing all order details in one unified system. Your team members can review all orders and leave comments for each other to see. Not only does this system keep your staff connected, but it keeps your customers connected as well. When an order is marked as "ready", an alert is sent to the customer so that they know they'll be eating soon. Which let's them know that your restaurant is on the ball.

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Online Menu + Streamlined Order Management

Bring your restaurant into the digital age with MenuCrunch's amazing, user friendly features that your current and future customers will love.

Online Menu

Get your menu online so new and customers can easily find all your delicious menu options.

Manage Team Members

Allow each team member specific access to only the menu or restaurant items they need, your in control.

Set Restaurant Hours

Closed on Mondays? Open late on the weekend? Going on vacation? Easily update your restaurants hours.

Mark Items as Inactive

Run out of today's special? No problem, mark it as inactive and it's instantly removed from the menu.

Sales Analytics

Get deeper insights into what menu items are selling, your overall sales growth and much more.

Tag Menu Items

Have a new menu item or a limited time offering? Easily add a tag to make it stand out on your menu.

Searchable Menu

Allow your customers to find exactly what they're looking for faster with our menu search feature.

Connect with Customers

When a customer places an order, they are kept in the loop with our automated notifications.

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Valuable Metrics

Get actionable data that will help grow your business

Restaurants can be chaotic places, especially in the kitchen. But there are valuable insights that can be obtained through all of the madness. Knowing which menu items are becoming popular and which ones aren't selling can help minimize inventory and increase your bottom line.

Order History Monday Morning Quarterback the orders you had trouble with.

Sales Volume Determine if your business is growing with comparative sales numbers.

Best Sellers Quickly find out which of your menu items are the most popular.

Time to Ready Compare how fast orders go from placed to ready over time.

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